The Grants & Programs Unit of
DeKalb County Juvenile Court

DeKalb County Juvenile Court is committed to the rehabilitation of youth within the community by designing and implementing programs to address the specific needs of youth who encounter the juvenile justice system.

The purpose of the grants and program unit is to pursue funding and implement evidence and community-based programs for youth who come in contact with Juvenile Court.  The programs are designed to address the current issues youth and families face in the home, school, and community and work to overcome those challenges while providing assistance to parents in dealing with everyday issues. DeKalb County Juvenile Court, in partnership with the parents, school and community will serve to help create positive change in the present and future for our young men and women and ensure they are thriving as law abiding, productive members of our community

The Grants and Programs Unit is comprised of grants administration which includes the Grants Services Administrator and the Grants Coordinator and programs led by the Programs Manager.

Grants Administration is responsible for the research, writing, and submission of all grants for the Juvenile Court.  It serves as Juvenile Court’s liaison to the county for grant funding and audits; ensure grant funding guidelines are adhered to; expenses are accounted for and reported per the funding agency’s stipulations; and timely expense and programmatic reports. The Grants and Administrative Manager oversees grants administration and program staff and acts as the liaison to the non-profit board, DeKalb County Juvenile Justice Board. 

The Programs Manager oversees the Juvenile Program Administrators (JPA’s) who operate Juvenile Court’s accountability/specialty courts and other court programs. JPA’s are assigned to each court initiative to oversee staff, contractors, treatment providers, and develop partnerships with internal departments and community agencies to further their individual areas of expertise. JPA’s are also responsible for their individual program area’s effectiveness and compliance with guidelines and laws and participates in the management of their program budget. 

Samia Fields

Grants Services Administrator

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