Court Administration

The Court Administration of DeKalb County Juvenile Court plans, directs, oversees the administrative staff and the daily operations of Juvenile Court.

Court Administration ensures the timely, proper and efficient management of the court’s budget; oversees personnel administration, procurement services, fiscal management of grants and management of the facility. In addition, we oversee the procurement, maintenance and management of the electronic and telecommunications systems of the court.

Under the direction of the Chief Judge, Court Administration, is responsible for the development of long term, short-term goals and strategic planning for the court. We are responsible for the implementation of policies and procedures in compliance with relevant county codes, and regulating agencies that are relevant to our operation. The Court Administration identifies solutions, implements changes as needed, and communicates with assigned personnel to align court operations with best practices.  Court Administration oversees interdepartmental and community relations and training development of all Juvenile Court staff. 

Lastly, Court Administration develops and identifies programs to support rehabilitative needs of youth involved in the juvenile justice system; conducts research into the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and program delivery; ensures the implementation of those services and programs for youth and their families

Court Administration provides management and oversight of the following areas:

Responsible for the development and management of Juvenile Court’s annual budget, tracking revenues and expenditures, and continuous checks and balances throughout the fiscal year.

Responsible for maintaining the official records of the Court in accordance with existing state and local statutes. For more information, click here.

Responsible for all interactions with the public, members of the press/media and inter-agency and intergovernmental communication including the internal development and management of Juvenile Court’s website.

Responsible for identifying grant opportunities, applying for grants and managing awarded grant funds. The Grants and Administrative Manager aggressively pursues grant funding to support the needs of the programs and services provided to the youth and families who come in contact with the court.  This division also directly manages Accountability/Specialty Courts, Citizen Review Panel, Mediation, and other programs offered at the court. For more information, click here.

The management of the Court’s employees, organizational structure, personnel transactions and personnel development.

Receives, screens and processes referrals (complaints) from law enforcement officers, parents, school officials, and private citizens on children alleged to be delinquent, in need of services (CHINS), dependent (abused and/or neglected), or who have been cited for traffic violations. For more information, click here.

The procurement, distribution and management of the Court’s technology-related resources, including computers, laptops, internet protocol telephones, mobile devices, courtroom recording equipment, assistive listening devices, and the Juvenile Court Activity Tracking System (JCATS).

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