Chief Judge Vincent C. Crawford is proud to announce that DeKalb Juvenile Court was awarded $425,000 from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) to provide services for girls 12-17 who encounter the juvenile justice system in DeKalb County.  Juvenile Court was awarded the maximum amount of the grant and one of only 10 sites in the country to receive the award for FY21. 

Once implemented, the program will provide an umbrella of services that embrace the individuality of the girls at risk and the female offender by creating services that address their unique needs in a setting that is conducive for them to flourish.  This will be accomplished through early assessment, individualized case planning, referral to appropriate services, evaluation of those services, and follow-up.

“This grant will provide an opportunity for evidence-based programs that can reach this population. DeKalb County Juvenile Court is grateful for this opportunity to ensure that young ladies coming through the court will have the help they need to thrive in our community. The goal is not to provide more services, but to provide the right services that are tailored to meet the female offender’s individual needs,” said Chief Judge Crawford. For additional information, please contact Keisha Jones, Grant Services Administrator, 404-294-2082 or

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